E3 2012 Over and Revealed

Photo credited to www.majamaki.com

Wow! What a ride, and it’s sad to say “It’s over.” As for all the hype, it was definitely worth it. Some amazing games were revealed this year and just to name a few how about Dead Space 3, Black Ops II, Assassins Creed III, The Last of Us, and last but not least, Watch Dogs. Now Watch Dogs was amazing, and if you didn’t see it on E3 I suggest you check it out asap! From the game play to the visual arts, this game merges gaming and art together with ease. I will be following this game closely with great interest and will be playing as soon as it’s released. As for the rest of E3 I was not let down at all, and for all the behind the scenes and video reviews of every game shown check out www.e3.gamespot.com. They have all the information you could ever need if you missed out on E3 this year.