Madness On My Dashboard

What happened to the days when you could just turn on your console, put in a game, and play until the sun went down. Grant you, it is still possible to pull a pretty gruesome all nighter running through a hail of gunfire playing COD on release night, with a 12 pack of Redbull. But game creators and the “big wigs” making the consoles have forgotten the basis of gaming. To put it simply, they are putting too much frosting on the cake! I don’t need Hulu, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Facebook, and all that other TV stuff on my console jamming it up. Honestly isn’t that why we have computers? It is cool to have sometimes, I do enjoy my Netflix. Somethings can just be too much, and too overwhelming. If someone has never owned a newer generation console, just starting it up may seem like rocket science….. Should I call Tech Support? Anyways, with the fast moving world of gaming things are surely just going to get bigger and better, so they say. All in all, as long as the games get better and better I guess I’ll deal with all the madness on my dashboard….Enough said!


Anything Is Possible…..Right?

With the ever evolving game consoles in existence, what else is possible. What can be added besides a new graphics engine, new look, and a newly designed controller. Will there be more functions? I know everything is going to online features such as downloadable content, and maybe even getting rid of hard copy games completely. Having that new game in hand and unwrapping it is a great feeling! I hope they don’t go that way, but who knows. You can add a bigger hard drive, add wireless features, and a new name, but I want to be impressed. Show me a game system that I can’t live without! I want graphics I can smell. It’s possible right?