Release March

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I recently got this months edition of Gameinformer, and just browsing through my eye caught glimpse of the new Tomb Raider. Set to release this coming March, I started to read the article. I saw the demo on E3 2012 and upon watching it I was automatically hooked and excited. I have always been a huge fan of the Tomb Raider games. Who wouldn’t love to play a very attractive archeologist that hunts for treasure and kicks the crap out of anyone in her way? After reading the article I got to thinking. This game has a strange resemblance to the Uncharted games. Coincidence? Until I play this game I can’t bash it very much, but just from the demo, the article, and the game play pictures, they look similar. Lora running through the forest, hanging from a chopper, climbing, who knows. I don’t want to go in depth just looked familiar. For the most part, I am very excited about this game release, and for the record I love Uncharted 1-3. No hard feelings just a thought.